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About Us

The Furniture Training Company (FTC) started just over 10 years ago and was founded by three graduates of Utah State University. Our training program has now been used in more than 1,000 retail locations with nearly 25,000 salespeople. We know that our training improves companies and we are excited to help you succeed in your business.

Meet Our Team!
Mike Petersen

Mike Petersen, PhD

President, Co-founder

Mike is the first half of the brains behind The Furniture Training Company. His tireless determination and infectious smile helped him earned his doctoral degree in the field of instructional design and learning science. This means he learned how to learn. He's been un-single for 32 years and has loved every minute of it. When he's not bringing down Thor's comedy hammer with his humorous trash talk in the office, he'll be screaming, "I'm on top of the world!" from the comfort of his sailboat as he sails off into the sunset.

Leston Drake

Leston Drake, PhD

CLO, Co-founder

Aside from looking identical to Chuck Norris and Captain Obvious, Leston is the second half of the brains behind The Furniture Training Company. He also earned his doctoral degree in the field of instructional design and learning science. He's been happily married for 20+ years to this company, and also the love of his life. When he's not calling staff meetings and sending out TicklRs, he enjoys fast cars, Kenny G, and Korean BBQ.

Mike Paulsin

Mike Paulsin

Business Development

Leonardo Da Vinci. Galileo. Isaac Newton. Mike Paulsin. These are just a few examples of who we compare Mike to in our office. He is an endless supply of talent and knowledge, and he utilizes his skills to grow our business and the furniture industry. When he's not pulling a hammy and tearing his Achilles, he is the perfect asset to any team.

Ryan Schmidt

Ryan Schmidt

Senior Web Developer

Who needs a pianist when you can have the angelic keyboard clicks of Mr. Ryan Schmidt tickle your musical fantasy? He composes these heavenly sounds into a beautiful symphony of websites, training programs, and anything The Furniture Training Company needs developed. Ryan brought the home row keys to life in college, receiving his degree in graphic design. When he's not being a coding composer, he loves going fishing with his wife and kids.

Derek Drake

Derek Drake

Audio Engineer, Senior Customer Solutions Rep

Derek is the calm, cool, and collected one in the office. This could be caused by his blue steel looks and personal training mindset. Derek has found out there is more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking. This is why Derek has become our senior customer solutions rep and audio engineer for all projects. When he's out of the office he loves playing video games and spending time with his wife. He's married... sorry ladies.

Mark Lacy

Mark Lacy

Former President and Co-Founder of Furniture Training Company

Mark retired on December 31, 2014. Mark is the reason that we got into furniture training, and his good reputation lives on in the office and within the industry.