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You already know that customers who leave your store empty handed are going to buy from one of your competitors within 48 hours of their visit with you. It’s actually a little scary to know you have less than two days to follow-up and close the sale before your chance is gone. You have to act fast or you’ll lose your entire investment to acquire the customer and make a sale. The only way to save a failed sale is with a well planned, well executed follow-up procedure.

Imagine if….

Think about the last time you ventured out to buy something and required assistance from a salesperson. It’s likely that despite spending several minutes with the salesperson you couldn’t quite commit to making the purchase and you left empty handed with plans to keep looking. You were probably a bit disappointed that your need wasn’t filled. You became a dreaded “be back” customer.

Now, imagine if within a few minutes of leaving that store you’d received a text message from the salesperson. The text included a brief thank-you message along with a picture of the product and important specs. You’d not only be impressed with the service, but you might even feel a draw to return to the salesperson and reconsider making the purchase.

Imagine if the next day you received a second text asking if you had any questions about the product you had looked at. Once again, you’d be impressed by the service. By now you’d probably even convince yourself to return to the store and make the purchase. Regardless of purchasing or not, you’d be grateful and impressed. Your loyalty to the store and the salesperson would be increased. That would become your “go to” store.

Following up with simple text messages is a very effective way to turn “be back” customers into satisfied buyers.

Texting Saves Sales

Texting to follow-up is easy. Tell your “be back” customers that you want to send them a picture and other important information about the product they’ve been looking at. They won’t think twice about sharing their number with you. Know that customers who resist are probably not the ones you should invest more time with.


  1. Ask for the customer’s cell phone number
  2. Take a picture of the product
  3. Send a text message within 15 to 30 minutes
    • Include a picture of the product and its specs
    • Don’t try to sell. Just be helpful.
  4. Send a second text message within 12 to 24 hours
    • Ask what outstanding questions can be answered
    • Don’t try to sell. Just be helpful.

The next time your customer gives an excuse like needing to rush home to talk with their husband, quickly pull out your phone and say something like “I understand. Let me get your number so I can send you a couple of pictures and important specs for the chair you looked at. That’ll make it a lot easier to talk with him.”

Your customer will be grateful for your thoughtful and helpful service and you’ll be grateful to make the sale.

3 thoughts on “Follow-up and Save the Sale

  • Great way to earn satisfied customers for life!!!

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    • Dr. Mike Petersen

      It really is. We’d love to hear your experience.

  • Dr. Mike Petersen

    It really is. We’d love to hear your experience.

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