Are Reps Really Your Best Option for Training?

I recently had a phone conversation with a decision maker at a furniture manufacturer based out of North Carolina. I talked with her briefly about the custom training products that we create for furniture manufacturers and how we can help

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Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales

Every furniture store carries the same or very similar home furnishings products. Not only that, they typically present very similar “unique selling points”; family owned, lowest prices, best selection, and so forth. Unfortunately, offering similar products and touting similar selling

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Your Dealers Want More Training!

We are in constant contact with our furniture dealers. We regularly ask them about their training experience and what gaps still need to be filled. We get nearly a universal response: We want better training from our manufacturers. Put yourself

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How Many Sales Do You Lose Each Month?

Recently I had a phone conversation with a furniture store manager.  He told me that he had 4 salespeople at his location. I asked if there was anything specific he would like his sales staff to improve on.  He gave

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Disciplining – Every Manager’s Nightmare

I remember several years ago when I was first promoted to the position of Manager. I was beyond thrilled for the new opportunity! To me, this was my first step toward career progression. Everything was perfect! I had a small

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Training is an Investment, Not a Cost

In my position at the Furniture Training Company, I talk to furniture retailers all day, every day. Although most of them understand that training is necessary, they simply don’t want to pay for it. They tell me things like: “It

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It Pays to Train Your Managers

In the furniture industry, there are several reasons why somebody would be hired or promoted to a manager position. Here are three reasons that I hear quite often: They were very successful at sales and it was the next step

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