Why Furniture Sales Training

Furniture Sales Training

Most sales people are too scared

Imagine how business would change and your income would increase if your sales people closed more sales. It’s not inconceivable. Thousands of sales people have  increased their close rates by 10 to 15%. Most furniture retailers miss out on millions of dollars in sales each year because their sales people don’t know the fundamentals of selling and are afraid to close their sales.

Our sales training eliminates the fear of asking for the sale because it addresses the reasons sales people are scared.

Are you afraid to close?
Have you learned the fundamentals of selling?
Are you more scared than your doctor?

Think about your last doctor appointment. It’s likely the doctor examined you, asked a bunch of relevant questions, ran some tests and then made a recommendation or two. The doctor wasn’t afraid to recommend solutions to your ailments. You see, the doctor spent years learning to examine patients, how to ask questions, and all he could about treatments, including drugs, surgeries and therapies.

Our sales training ensures your sales people, new hires as well as veterans, will understand product knowledge, ask the important questions, and will make recommendations with confidence. They’ll close sales!

The 'sink or swim' method doesn't work

Although you don’t hire sales people expecting them to fail, most of them do. They were excited about a new career and the chance to write their own paychecks but within a few weeks they don’t make enough to live.

Most salespeople fail because they don’t get the support they need to succeed. Too many managers trust the ‘sink or swim method’ to find out which sales people are destined for success which are not.

Our sales training teaches everything you need to know about selling skills, product knowledge, room design and more.

Are you just hoping to survive?
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