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Adding Value to Your Brand: What Belongs in Your Sales Training PowerPoint Presentation

Your sales training PPT presentation is a powerful tool if you use it correctly. Read on to learn which key points are most important to include.

Building Your Team is Building Your Brand

Whether you just started a new company or you’ve been running the same business for generations, it will help if you keep up with popular terms. As you might be aware, the trending business term of 2020 is undoubtedly branding. But what exactly is branding, and how do you know if you’re doing it right?

The branding process has been around for ages, but with the rise of digital marketing, it has certainly morphed, going well beyond carefully crafted logos and segmented commercials. As of late, it takes a great deal of dedication to turn your business into a household name. Some of the most common components of branding in retail services right now are:

  • Products
  • Services
  • A great backstory
  • Packaging
  • Logos
  • Promotional materials
  • Content created for your customers to share and much more

Branding can take place via any promotional work. This might translate to building a blog, buying a billboard, creating a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, or even the simple act of marketing an excellent product. While social media marketing and support are some of the first things we connect to the theme of business branding, they’re not the only elements making popular products sell. There’s something even more important than a sophisticated online campaign strategy and it’s often overlooked by even the best businesses.

Have You Considered the Fact That Your Sales Team Is Also Part of Your Brand?

Even if you have stellar management and customer service employees, without an outstanding sales team, your product won’t sell. If you don’t start selling your product, it’s impossible to achieve high reviews and rates of customer satisfaction. Those reviews are what start drawing customers to your online profiles and so forth. The cycle continues. As such, salespeople represent your company in a way that no other employee does. To ensure maximum performance from your star sales team, it’s best to train them on the ins and outs of selling.

Furniture Sales Team
Furniture sales team

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A Well Thought Out PPT Presentation Is an Excellent Way to Introduce Better Sales Techniques

Creating a program in PowerPoint or a comparable data storing software is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Follow the simple steps below to create a simple or elaborate presentation.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint in Microsoft Word and choose the “New” option from the PPT home screen.

Step 2: Pick Out an appealing template.

From here you should be able to download a free template from the privacy of your own home. Try to choose slides that meld well with your brand in order to build up a subtle business atmosphere that will put your sales team in the mood for learning.

Step 3: Customize Your Slides in Whichever Order Fits Best.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can create a custom slideshow that accents your resources. Feel free to add text, graphics, charts, images, and video to keep the team engaged.

Step 4: Save in a Format You can Easily Store and Project in a Group Setting

Once you’re satisfied with your set of slides, save it in a format you’ll be able to display during the next company sales meeting.

What to Include in Your Sales Training PPT Presentation

An effective presentation should address the needs and wants of the people you are trying to train and the customers you are trying to sell to. It should do a good job of explaining company expectations, from corporate privacy policy to your official sales process. It should include useful industry sales tips as well as advice from top salespeople who already have a track record for success. Consider the following as a hypothetical example:

Furniture Sales Presentation
Furniture sales presentation
  • Slide 1: Introduction to the Company– including contact information, email, logo, and short background story on the original development of the business. The goal here is to make team members feel like part of your family.
  • Slide 2: Introduction to the Products – Let your sales team experience the features of each product they intend to sell. Adding some history on the way these products came about can also be useful.
  • Slide 3: A Long, Informative Video Teaching the Skills for Making a Sale – This part is central to the demonstration. Try to mention how much time it should usually take to close a sale. Go over the key to closing. Mention any tools they might use to make the job easier. Teach your employees how to search for and find ways to change sales approaches on the spot. Highlights should include turning a lead into a real sale, how to sell through a business website versus selling in person, and how to turn a one-time buyer into a repeat customer.
  • Slide 4: Customer Service Knowledge – Making use of graphs, charts, and listicles, teach your sales teams how professionals make friendly sales that leave customers feeling satisfied enough to tell their friends.

Of course, a full presentation would contain numerous slides that extend knowledge to the people who need it most- your sales employees. By the time your presentation is over, they should be able to answer in-depth questions regarding your company, its products, the brand, and the sales process at large.

Effective sales training programs can and do lead to increased company profits and happier sales employees. How do we know? We’ve been training retail salespeople for more than two decades.

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