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  • Keeps your training material current, accurate, accessible
  • Consistent training message to your dealers and RSAs
  • Dealer RSAs will know and sell more of your brand
  • Allows you to hold your reps accountable for helping each of their dealers
  • Free up reps for more sales time
  • Reduce rep staffing requirements
  • RSAs will sell the brands they know best
  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Creates loyalty to your brand


It has been a pleasure working as the Heritage Home Group liaison to FTC. I have been training in the furniture industry for decades and have personally seen the struggle that it can be for every retail store. With FTC's approach, we are able to provide super high quality brand and product training 24/7. The training is cloud-based and allows us to track which stores are or are not using it. Unlike most programs, it's easy to keep the content current and relevant as our business evolves. In my mind, this solution is a "no-brainer" because of its operating effectiveness... super high quality, cost effective and measurable... what else could you want?

— Bill Meidenbauer, Heritage Home Group

We were looking for a way to complement the in-person product training our sales team conducts every day. With our portfolio of 10 brands, it's a constant challenge to make sure the latest information is in the hands of the people that need it most; the retail sales associates. I have been particularly impressed with the reporting provided by FTC's program. As a result, my team and I are able to quickly identify whether or not our dealers are getting and accessing the training they need and deserve. Feedback from our dealers has been terrific; it validates that we're providing them a valuable resource.

— Mark Stephens, Senior Vice President of Sales, Heritage Home Group

We see this as a game changer because it sets us apart from our competition.

— Len Burke, VP of Marketing, Klaussner Home Furnishings

Manufacturers Love FTC

Communicate directly with dealers and RSAs

Increase awareness and loyalty to your brand

Make your reps more effective and efficient

Hold your sales reps and management accountable

Control your messages

Incentivize new dealers to carry your product

Spend less money on print material