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Improving Mattress Sales in 2020

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Selling a mattress isn’t a challenging feat in itself. Afterall, it’s estimated that consumers will purchase around 35 million during the next 12 months. They’ll spend some 16 billion dollars this year for new mattresses. These sales numbers are expected to grow year over year.

Consider this interesting point of view: to the customer, shopping for a mattress is more like shopping for new tires than it is shopping for a new piece of furniture. Like a set of tires, a new mattress is a necessity. Furniture, on the other hand, is often a want.

Wants vs Needs:

On the other hand, people regularly wander through clothing shops, home furnishing stores, antique stores, and even car dealerships. Not only are they happy to browse, they often compulsively buy things they had no intention on purchasing just a few minutes before. Plenty of shoppers have taken home clothing, shoes, furniture, home decorations, and electronics simply because they wanted them. They often even have to find creative ways for justifying their purchases.

The fact that shopping for needs and wants is different is actually great news for the salesperson. Unlike the customer who simply wanders into and browses through the shoe department, every customer inside of your store is there for one reason, and one reason only; they need to replace their mattress. They aren’t there on a whim because a sparkling item in the sales window caught their attention. No, the mattress shopper is on a specific mission. They need to take care of a problem that has been impacting their sleep and essentially every other aspect of their life.

Mattress Sales Consumer
Mattresses are an essential consumer need

The salesperson who understands that their customer is shopping because of this real need should be excited each time a customer enters their store because they know a sale is imminent. The typical mattress shopper visits only 2 stores before making a purchase. In other words, failure to make a sale is clearly dependent on the knowledge and skills of the salesperson.

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Mattress Product Knowledge

As with all retail sales, the mattress salesperson must learn necessary product knowledge. In addition, they must master the sales process so they can learn the specific needs and wants of their customer. The salesperson who commits themselves to learning everything they can about their product and their customers will enjoy the greatest sale success.

The successful salesperson must be able to talk about mattress sizes and their benefits to help customers know which size will suit them best:

Size            Dimensions    
Twin  39″ X 75″

For customers who need room for other things in the room. Most common in children’s rooms where toys and other belongings need to be stored. Also popular in dorm rooms used by college students.

Twin XL  39″ X 80″

This is for the taller customer who has similar space limitations as the customer who buys the twin bed.

Full  54″ X 75″

For shorter customers who sleep alone. Parents like the full size because it gives some space for reading to their children as they put them to bed. Some couples like this size for cuddling, but others avoid it because there isn’t very much room for movement.

Queen  60″ X 80″

For customers who like to sleep next to their partners or who like to spread out when sleeping alone. Also good for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms.

King  75″ X 80″

For couples who need extra space for movement while sleeping but don’t need extra foot space. It’s also for customers who need extra room for children and animals who join them during the night.

California  King  72″ X 84″

This is for the customer who needs a king bed but also needs extra length for their feet.

Expert of Product Knowledge

The successful salesperson must have the ability to talk about the features and benefits of each mattress type to help your customer know which option will suit them best:

  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex foam mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Air mattresses
Mattress Salesperson
Mattress sales customer

The successful mattress salesperson must have the ability to talk about the features and benefits of each mattress type to help your customer know which option will suit them best:

  • Box Springs
  • Bed Slats
  • Metal vs. Wood
  • Bunkie Boards
  • Adjustable Foundation

The successful mattress salesperson must be able to talk about mattress foundations, their benefits, and why the customer will want a particular foundation:

  • Improves support
  • Increases the lifespan of the mattress
  • Adds height
  • Helps keep the bed clean
  • Increases airflow
  • Stops the mattress from sliding

Mattress Sales Skills

Once the mattress salesperson has mastered mattress product knowledge, it’s time to master the sales process for learning the customer’s needs. The mattress product knowledge is used so that correct solutions can be recommended to the customer. 

The successful mattress salesperson must be able to ask questions to learn all of the following about the customer:

  • What are the preferred features?
  • Who will use the bed?
  • What are the budget resources?
  • Who is the decision maker?
  • What are the buying motives?
  • What is the time urgency of the purchase?

The successful mattress salesperson has to assess the buying motives of the customer by learning:

  • Value
  • Unique Image
  • Feeling Accepted
  • Comfort and Ease
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Entertainment
  • Avoiding Loss

The successful mattress salesperson will develop a bond of trust and friendship with their customer by employing conversational techniques such as:

  • Ask open ended questions
  • Speak conversationally
  • Rephrase what you hear
  • Accept your customer
  • Enjoy the work

The mattress salesperson who efficiently learns becomes a product knowledge expert. They’ll find that selling mattresses can be a challenging but rewarding profession. You might check out the article How Often Should I Change Your Replace Your Mattress? Here are 7 Warning Signs at Sleep for additional helps.

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