Mattress Selling Techniques
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Mattress Selling Techniques

There is nothing like selling mattresses. While there are many similarities to selling cars, jewelry, furniture and other products, mattress sales have a few nuanced differences that are worth discussion and learning. This page describes the important mattress sales technique of “starting at the top.”

Mattress Selling Techniques: Start at the Top

Successful mattress sales people know that showing the top model first is part of their “secret sauce” for success. Consider the very real possibility that many people have never experienced a deep down, restorative sleep that could transform their lives for the better. Most customers sleep night after night on a worn out and / or inexpensive mattress that fails to provide the comfort and benefit they’d enjoy on a high quality mattress. By showing your top model first you allow your customer to experience, even briefly, the comfort they really want and need. Showing the top model is a great way to set a standard of comfort and quality that will serve as a reference point for comparison with lesser quality mattresses.

Advertisements and promotions that feature low priced models set customers up to be surprised when they see prices of today’s quality mattresses. Uninformed shoppers have no idea why a mattress could cost so much.

1. List the names of the products within a category or subcategory (e.g. casegoods, sofas, recliners, etc.) and then write a statement including the features and benefits that you would share with a customer. Research the items you struggle to describe so you can write a statement about each.
2. Walk through the showroom with a colleague and share the features and benefits of each product within a category or subcategory (e.g. casegoods, sofas, recliners, etc.) as you would share them with an actual customer. Research the items you struggle to describe so you can talk about them at a later time.
3. Ask a colleague to describe the features a customer may describe and then identify products you carry that have those features. Describe the features and the benefits the feature may provide.

Salespeople who are even slightly uncomfortable with the price of the top of the line mattresses end up sabotaging their sales. Not only do shoppers perceive motive, they also perceive lack of confidence and conviction. Very few shoppers will buy from a sales associate who lacks confidence in the product they show. It’s important that you set aside your fears and concerns and expand your comfort level. You must objectively, confidently and enthusiastically present ALL products on the sales floor. Let your customer decide how much comfort she needs or desires. Don’t make the decision for her.

Mattress Selling Customer
Let your customer decide

Remember that everyone who enters your store could and would buy the top of the line mattress if they wanted it badly enough. Any given model on your floor is potentially a good choice for any given shopper, and there is a way to know which one that is. Every customer must be given the chance to try the highest quality mattress you sell. The mere act of showing your top models will ensure your average ticket price will go up.

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Share Custom Opinions and Reviews

People feel better when their choices are validated by the other people they respect. Share comments made by your other customers about all of your mattresses, but especially the top of the line mattresses.

Very early in your conversation, try saying things like:

“Before we get started, We have some models that many of our customers say are the most comfortable they have ever felt, would you like to see what you think about them?, then we’ll find ones that you like the best.”


“Some of my customers say they feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.”

Collect and use real comments from your customers. Don’t make things up.

Use Customer Curiosity

Just like customers in car showroom often walk examine every car on the lot, including the finest, out of reach ones, mattress customers are also curious to learn why the top models cost so much. You can use their curiosity to help them try and even buy your best models. Say something like

“You know how car dealers always have cool cars on the showroom floor? Well, these are our coolest models. They are always fun to just test and dream about.”

From there, they often think, “Wow, we can’t afford this, but maybe we can find a more affordable model with similar features.” Mattress shoppers do the same thing. Again, this helps them choose on their own to invest in better quality.

Consider the sales associate who asked every customer, ”Have you ever seen a $5000 mattress?” Most customers replied “No Way!”

He would then say, “Take just a minute and see it for yourself. And then we’ll find the mattress you are looking for” Once they lied down, he’d encourage them to stay there to really get the feel while he checked on something.

Amazingly, some people bought it. Others stepped up and purchased a higher quality model than they had originally intended. They wanted to get as close as they could to the comfort they felt on the top model. Even if they didn’t buy, he felt he had done them a service by allowing them to see what the best mattresses had to offer.

Mattress Sales Customer Curiosity
Use customer curiosity


Starting at the top is an important technique mattress sales people should consider when working to increase their average ticket size. It is also an important technique for salespeople who want their customers to experience, even for a moment, the comfort and benefits of a high quality mattress.

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