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Manufacturer Reps Aren't Your Best Option

I recently had a phone conversation with a decision maker at a furniture manufacturer based out of North Carolina. I talked with her briefly about the custom training products that we create for furniture manufacturers and how we can help them to get consistent and effective training to all of their dealers. Her response to me was typical and short sighted…

“Our reps already train our retailers.”

The conversation ended and that was that. Now, Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you really expect your 3rd party reps who carry multiple brands to be expert and effective trainers on your product, your brand and your unique story? Is that what you hired them to do?

Do you truly believe that the majority of salespeople in each of your dealer’s store locations know enough about your brand, your products and your unique story to be as successful as possible?

Let me tell you why we started building custom training for manufacturers in our industry…

After nearly 10 years using our generic and online training program with almost 25,000 salespeople, we received two fairly consistent items of feedback from our customers.

1. Their furniture reps are not good trainers

2. Their furniture reps were not making it to their store(s) as often they desired

No matter what you want to think or believe…this is consistent across the board. Your dealers are not getting enough of your brand and they want more! So, that is where we jump in and improve the way you do business.

We can create a custom training course for your brand that covers all of your major pain points. Do salespeople struggle with all of your ordering options? Do they know about your quality craftsmanship and warranties? Are they capable of endearing a potential customer to your brand? The answer is probably no. And that is okay. You are just like everybody else…but is that really okay?

What we do is sit down with your team, learn your pain points and work backwards from there. We will then develop a lesson plan that is perfect for your brand and design/develop your custom training program. Best of all, the development of the training program is completely at our cost.

Please! Let your reps focus on opening more doors and pushing your product. That’s what they should be good at. Don’t bog them down with things they are not good at or qualified to do. Let the Furniture Training Company teach your dealers and their salespeople how to sell your unique brand. That’s what we’re good at.

We hope that you will give us a call to learn more about how we can help you to get your brand and your important messages in front of your dealers. Stop being like everybody else and set your brand above your competition.


Visit our website and register for our training to become best sales person you can be. Or, feel free to email me at

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