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Keep in Touch with Text Messages

What’s the best way to talk with your customers? Is it in person, on the phone, or maybe via Zoom? The best answer to that question comes from actual customers.

Do you know that 90 percent of consumers want to use messaging when communicating with a business? The dentist confirms your appointment with a text. Retailers share their offers via text. And your favorite food trucks remind you about their locations and hours via texts.

Imagine the safety and comfort your customers would feel if they could quickly ask about hours of operation, COVID-19 precautions, or inventory right from their phone. They wouldn’t worry about wasting time driving to your store to find that you are closed, that they had to have an appointment or that the product they want to buy isn’t in stock.

A great advantage texting has over an ordinary phone calling is that you can easily attach photos of your product. You can even send videos (refer to How to Connect with Customers During a Pandemic) so your customer can see your smile and feel your personality. Photos and videos will go a long way in building rapport and will give you a definite advantage over the competition.

It’s likely you’re already using some sort of webchat service to connect with your customers. It’s an easy and effective way to make quick contact with customers who land on your website. Some companies, Podium for example, integrate texting into their web chat service so that your customers automatically become part of your texting process. In this way you communicate with them in their preferred method and can quickly gain their trust.

Furniture and mattress stores can use text messaging for many purposes.

Inform customers about offers

  • Send coupons to customers

  • Tell customers about new products

  • Confirm delivery appointments

  • Elicit Google reviews

There are a few rules and regulations regarding business use of texting. that you should be aware of. Your SMS service can help you avoid making mistakes.


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