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It Pays to Train Your Managers

In the furniture industry, there are several reasons why somebody would be hired or promoted to a manager position. Here are three reasons that I hear quite often:

  • They were very successful at sales and it was the next step

  • They have previous experience managing inside or outside of the industry and they seem to be a good fit

  • This is a family business and it is the next position for your son, daughter or relative

In the end, it doesn’t matter why you hired the folks on your management team. What matters is how well they perform in their role. Just like your salespeople need to be taught how to sell, your managers need be taught how to manage and lead. People are not natural born managers. Too often, we talk with companies that don’t provide the necessary training and support to ensure a manager’s success. This leads to frustration and disappointment as store owners watch managers struggle and fail to perform. The leadership and direction a manager can provide is far too valuable to your organization to let to let this happen.

Your managers set the tone every day for your store. They oversee your recruiting and, hiring efforts, as well discipline and training activities in your store. It is your managers that conduct sales team meetings and business meetings. Managers evaluate employee success and and drive efforts aimed at improving employee performance. Don’t let your store fail to reach its potential by failing to help your managers reach their full potential. Help them to be successful so that you can be successful.

That is why we have created the Retail Management Training program. It not only teaches your managers important skills and lessons, but provides them with invaluable tools and resources to help them accomplish everything you should expect of a manager.

The Retail Management Training program is made up of 3 courses and 15 lessons.

  1. Daily Tasks – Learn to prepare yourself, your store and your staff for the day

  2. Make Improvements – Learn to analyze performance, conduct meaningful reviews, and train and coach salespeople to be their best

  3. Human Resources – Learn to recruit, on board, and discipline new team members.

As you have heard and know, management is one of the toughest jobs that you can have. Help your new and experienced managers become the leaders they can be and that you need them to be.


Visit our website and register for our training to become best sales person you can be. Or, feel free to email me at

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