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The Professional program has 90 lessons spread across 5 different courses. Click on a course name below to see the list of lessons for that course.

Sales Skills Modules
The Friendly Approach The Purpose Statement "I'm Just Looking" The Re-Approach Discovery Questions Buying Motives Discovery Skills The Presentation Preparing Effective Demonstrations Buying Signals Closing the Sale Handling Objections Excuses and How to Overcome Them Using Product Knowledge to Make Sales
Product Knowledge Modules
Sofa Styles Parts of a Sofa Chair Styles Back Styles Arm Styles Skirt and Base Styles Upholstery Options Motion Furniture Construction Additional Furniture Common Woods Wood Preparation Wood Joinery Wood Finishes Quality and Care Tables Dining Room Chairs Dining Room Pieces Bedroom Pieces Occasional Pieces, Part 1 Occasional Pieces, Part 2 Fiber Facts Natural Fibers Synthetic Fibers Upholstery Fabrics Decorative Trim Mattresses Bed Styles Choosing a Mattress Parts of a Spring Mattress The Tanning Process Leather Finishes About Leather Rug History and Design Machine-made Rugs Handmade Rugs Rug Care Flooring
Room Design Modules
The Purpose of Room Design The Elements of Design Principles of Design Fundamental Elements of a Room Learning About Color The Psychology of Color How to Use Color Design Styles Accessorizing Placing Furniture Diagramming a Room
Professionalism / Customer Service Modules
Setting and Achieving Sales Goals, Part I Setting and Achieving Sales Goals, Part II Dress for Success Courtesy Using Tablets to Enhance Your Sales Prepare to Take and Make Phone Calls Create Engaging Conversation Respond to Customer Complaints Common Telephone Tasks Business Card Marketing Introducing Your Store's Credit Plan Presenting Your Store's Credit Plan Closing the Sale with Your Store's Credit Plan
Mattress Modules
Industry Overview The Secret to Mattress Sales Product Knowledge Empowering Concepts Needs vs. Wants Guiding Principles Making the Most of Your Day Guided Discovery Closing the Sale Starting at the Top How to Step Up to Better Quality Mattresses How to Deal with Competition Making the Sleep Connection Warranties and Comfort Guarantees

Here's what our customer's say...

We've have been using the training for over two years, and it works! Not only has it been successful with our new hires, but it has been great for our veteran sales team. Because of FTC's reporting services, I can easily manage the training in each of our 12 locations. I can't think of training that is higher quality or easier to use and manage than the training from the Furniture Training Company.

Sandy Howe, Director of Stores, Kittles Furniture