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The Professional program has 90 lessons spread across 5 different courses. Click on a course name below to see the list of lessons for that course.

Retail Management Essentials Modules
Prepare Yourself for the Day Prepare Your Store for the Day Conduct a Daily Sales Meeting Support Your Staff Finish Your Shift Analyze Your Salespeople's Performance Conduct a Monthly Performance Review Train and Coach Your Salespeople Conduct Business Meetings Develop Staffing Plans Recruit New People Onboard New Employees Discipline Employees Terminate Underperforming Employees

Here's what our customer's say...

We've have been using the training for over two years, and it works! Not only has it been successful with our new hires, but it has been great for our veteran sales team. Because of FTC's reporting services, I can easily manage the training in each of our 12 locations. I can't think of training that is higher quality or easier to use and manage than the training from the Furniture Training Company.

Sandy Howe, Director of Stores, Kittles Furniture