Retail Training: Giving Sales and Salespeople a Boost

Retail Sales Training
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Retail Training: Giving Sales and Salespeople a Boost

Retail training is the key to succeeding in the competitive market in 2020. Please schedule a free training demonstration today to learn how to increase furniture sales with proven success. Read on to learn how great customer service goes hand in hand with increased sales.

Whether you’re opening a new store or working toward revitalizing a business you’ve been running for years, there’s one thing you will always need to have. The first thing that comes to mind might be a great product, but even stores with the best products on the market have failed to turn a profit. The same premise holds true for a great location, a skilled management team, and a campaign that draws plenty of customers. While all of these components help store owners achieve better sales outcomes, none of these elements work without a capable, efficient sales team.

Business analytics prove time and again that this one key industrial component is drastically overlooked. Realistically speaking, it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling products online or in a brick and mortar storefront. It doesn’t matter if you manage to find employees with excellent customer service skills. It’s entirely possible for customers to enter a retail establishment, have a fulfilling experience and still leave empty-handed.

Even in a social-media-driven atmosphere, Twitter followers and Facebook likes don’t always equate to higher sales. In fact, 23 Harvard Business Review studies conducted over the course of a four-year timespan and involving approximately 18,000 participants concluded that, “the mere act of endorsing a brand does not affect a customer’s behavior or lead to increased purchasing, nor does it spur purchasing by friends”. Rather, social media spaces serve as virtual meetup locations for customers who are already impressed enough with a company’s products to publicly endorse them. In order for them to be impressed, they would have to buy the product first and offer that coveted Facebook thumbs-up second. However, brands seem to be doing their marketing with the aspiration that things will happen the other way around.

Budgeting for Retailers: A Look at Which Tools Really Get the Job Done

When reviewing a common retailer’s budget, it’s clear to see that dollars are spent in the order of perceived priorities. Most company development plans reserve massive amounts of money for things like:

  • Online advertising
  • Rent
  • Insurance
  • Products
  • Taxes
  • Travel

Even items like legal fees and employee recruitment come in well ahead of sales training on the budget scale. But what if we told you that sales training was one of the most vital assets a corporation can have, regardless of what they’re selling? What if we told you that salespeople need to start learning the art of selling for your products to start flying off the shelves, and for those likes and tweets and shares to start rolling in? It’s true! Retail training, when used correctly, can increase retail sales by 10%-15% on average. In contrast, content marketing is known to increase leads. Leads are an excellent way to create a buzz around your brand, but they don’t amount to much if your salespeople are not trained on how to sell.

Retail Training Resources

Now that we’ve established the importance of retail training, you’re likely wondering where to acquire support for the hardworking people in your sales department. There are some free industry tips available online. For example, if you search Google, you might come across a training retail blog or program designed to provide knowledge of sales techniques. These blogs will usually feature a free video and follow it up with a success story or two. The problem is that it’s difficult, dare we say impossible, to acquire, let alone implement, any legitimate advice this way. Such companies rarely provide any concrete evidence of success and it’s important to remember that most staff members learn by doing-not viewing.

Retail Training Resources
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In order to implement best training practices, performance events must take place in a shop atmosphere where salespeople can naturally gain an understanding of their role in the store. After all, training and teaching are essentially one and the same. The best teachers are those who make use of the three pillars of research which are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Cognition
  • Community

If you want to change low or mediocre sales outcomes, the trick isn’t to spend thousands of dollars recruiting top sales talent. The trick is to share good industry knowledge with the sales team you already have, allowing those newly learned techniques to take your current employees directly to the top. In the long run, if they’re reaching their quotas on a consistent basis, they’ll be happier and wealthier. As an added bonus, so will you.

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How to Ensure You Meet Your Goals

Putting your sales employees at the top of your list of priorities is the best way to ensure meeting your sales goals. Each of them should be treated as a student first and an employee second. They should be given the opportunity to learn, share, and ask questions. Afterward, their aptitude should be tested through a series of retailer lessons and exams. Consider your store a classroom and your students the pupils you train. A first-rate retail training program should include all or most of the following assets:

  • Worksheets
  • Activities
  • Examinations

All of these should be utilized to teach:

  • Product knowledge
  • Strategic design
  • Common sales terms
  • Point of sale
  • Expected daily operations
  • Customer service skills
  • Above all else, statistically proven selling techniques

If you’re a retailer, store owner, or manager looking for a proven way to increase profits, please sign up for a sample sales training demonstration. Our company has over 20 years of retail training experience crossing a wide variety of industries. Each of our professional staff members possesses a Ph.D. in the field of sales training.

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