Benefits of Sales Training

Benefits of Sales Training
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The Benefits of Sales Training: Learning How to Increase Selling Through Customer Skills

One of the main benefits of sales training is increased profits for owners and employees alike. If done correctly, it can be a vital asset to any company. So, why is it that so many corporations fail to achieve their goals? Read on to learn the secret to successful sales training through advanced, science-based customer service skills…

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You walk into a promising new business- perhaps as the owner, a customer, management personnel, or a member of the sales team. The brand new store is gleaming from floor to ceiling. The shelves are stocked with high-quality merchandise. Online presence is growing. Success seems just a few more sales away. But beyond that auspicious exterior, something is wrong. Sales performance is down and nothing- not a shiny store makeover, not a new line of the best products 2020 has to offer- nothing seems to help.

That’s because the problem isn’t products. It has nothing to do with online presence or the overall aesthetic of the store. Rather, the problem is in the sales service. From point of customer contact all the way down to closing the deal, salespeople continue falling short of financial goals that are set for the stores and themselves. In fact, statistics project that at least 71% of new salespeople will fail to achieve company and personal financial goals within their first year of employment. This statistic proves that the issue has less to do with the salespeople themselves, and much to do with their training or the lack thereof.

The Truth about the Sales Training Process in 2020

The sales environment has changed drastically as a result of new platforms and opportunities. But more opportunities create an increasingly competitive market, meaning that even seemingly secure corporations are vulnerable to shutdowns, cutbacks, even bankruptcy. More than 600,000 new businesses emerge each year, and of them, approximately half will fail in their first five years of establishment. On the other hand, only 15% of the companies named in the first S & P’s top 500 list are still on that list today, proving that once-fruitful businesses are failing to keep up with competition.

Sales Training Competitive Market
Sales training competitive market

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Given the aforementioned stats, it’s high time people reconsidered how effective their sales programs really are and how they can better formulate their budgets so that sales training equals higher sales. As it stands, the average company only spends about $2,000 annually on training their sales staff. They often seek out free resources and services or they turn to content taken out of webinars from so-called experts who are merely guessing and have no real insider training or knowledge. While a free online program that salespeople can access from the privacy of their own homes might seem like a good idea, the real outcome from a program like that is often disappointing at best.

According to Analytics, irrational decision-making is one of the top reasons corporations of all different sizes fail. Does it seem rational to spend tens of thousands of dollars hiring sales employees only to refuse to train them properly? The truth is, sales training and development can make or break a company. Research shows that if we provide our salesforce with the tools they need to close on sales, everybody wins- from the owners to the managers to the sales employees. In order to obtain such tools, a professional training program is absolutely necessary.

At The Furniture Training Company, we would know. We’ve been in the business of boosting business for 23 years. Our success and satisfaction rate is 95%.We’re known to increase sales for companies by 10%-15% on average. Our secret is simple. We never guess. We always achieve sales through science. Click here to learn about our training programs and courses or to read our updated privacy policy, terms, and conditions.

Understanding Science-Based Solutions for Sales

There are scientifically based solutions for everything. This includes sales and marketing. Where do people go to learn those? Here’s a hint. It’s not an internet website or blog. You won’t find them through a free online course. Even experience doesn’t teach these techniques. The best place to learn them is through higher education. Yes, it’s true. Getting a PHD in industry principals that are proven and researched well is a great way to improve sales. Of course, it would take years for every single sales person on the team to obtain their PHD, which is where we come in handy.

The Furniture Training Company is a team of sales training professionals who each holds a PHD in this field. The key to our sales training program is that we teach each client what we know about the science of selling. 95% of our clients claim that our programs make this science easy to understand. Our acclaimed approach is centered on:

The Effectiveness of Professional Sales Coaching

An intense study conducted in 2015 by CSO Insights showed that professional sales coaching that meets or exceeds expectations can positively impact an organization in all of the following ways:

  • Increased Product Sales- Across the board, companies with training programs that met or exceeded expectations experienced an average 8% sales increase. It’s notable to mention here that companies who made use of The Furniture Training Company’s unique formula had even higher results with an average increase ranging from 10%-15%
  • Lower Employee Turnover- This is important too, since most corporations spend upwards from $15,000 training new employees. Here, it’s easy to see that spending more on better sales training still means spending less overall, since the turnover rate is considerably lower once salespeople start making their quotas.
  • Higher Win Rates- More than 52% of companies with sales training that exceeded expectations also experienced higher win rates.

Effective Sales Training Really is a Win-Win

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