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Business Management 101: Understanding the Objectives of Sales Training

Before you dedicate any amount of your budget to increasing selling potential, it’s a great idea to learn the objectives of sales training.

We’ve all seen companies with potential fail before reaching their peaks. We’ve all witnessed the phenomenon of unexpected success as well. In an age of new technologies, where entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, it might look like everything about the 2019 business process is a gamble. Fortunately, that isn’t so. There’s a science behind powerful sales techniques that really work. Read on to learn what top companies already know about implementing an effective sales approach.

Company Performance Starts with Each Team Members’ Customer Skills

When it comes to company budget expenditure, the average corporation spends about $4,000 per new employee for recruitment. About 20%-30% of the budget is dedicated to insuring the employees, the building, and the company wares. Other major ticket items commonly listed as operating expenses include:

For this reason, it’s common to walk into a new or established storefront and see what would appear to be an abundance of resources for customers and salespeople to access. However, there can still be something missing. There’s one key program that will undoubtedly help to keep your business running smoothly and it is often underrated or completely overlooked. This key program is sales training.

How Effective Sales Training Can Enhance Your Business

Think about it. Having a store brimming with high-quality merchandise and a smiling staff stocking the shelves means nothing if the people smiling behind those shelves don’t know how to sell the store’s products. Yet this is the case in most corporations. According to statistical data, in the first year of employment with a new corporation, only about 29% of salespeople meet their selling quotas. This means that the vast majority of new salespeople (approximately 71% to be exact) do not meet their quotas.

Retail Sales Training Goals
Retail sales quota goals

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Oftentimes, when corporations hire new employees, they train them on the everyday ins and outs of store operations. New employees learn where to stock which merchandise, how to answer phone calls, little minuet uniform details, and other operational elements that discuss what is expected of them. But shouldn’t they also be learning what to expect from the customers? After all, good advertising only brings traffic to the store. Prime real estate only enhances visibility. Livable wages only ensure employee cooperation. If nobody on the sales team knows how to sell, everything else will inevitably crumble.

Selling isn’t really a guessing game, although it has been portrayed as such. Selling isn’t just a series of trial and error methods that team members can only learn through years of experience. In reality, selling is a science. Best practices have already been studied and proven. All salespeople need is the knowledge of these best practices as learned through specific programs designed by experts in the field. Contact us via email at to learn more about effective sales coaching and how it can increase average profits by 10%-15% or more…

The Objectives of Sales Training

Industry training sales techniques are implemented in order to achieve a variety of corporate goals including, but not limited to higher sales. Some of the main objectives include:

  • Boosting Employee Morale– Salespeople are really the core of any corporation. Even if the managers are steering the ship, the salespeople serve as the sails. If they’re not up and running correctly, that ship isn’t going anywhere, no matter how visible or well-crafted the vessel. When salespeople start meeting their quotas however, it means more money and a healthier atmosphere for everyone involved. The development of a strong sales team keeps the ship on course for success now and also in the future.
  • Lowering Turnover– Happy employees means less money spent on new recruitment and everything that entails. This means that effective sales training programs can lead to less money spent on new employee training programs, not to mention uniforms, job advertisement, etc…
  • Building Better Leadership– In-depth knowledge of the sales process helps teams understand clients, customers, and the important role of selling within the company. This can improve leadership skills on a number of different levels.
  • Saving Company Time– An adequate sales training will serve as an automatic time manager for the corporation. Salespeople will learn organization skills and be taught how much time to dedicate to which customers and why.
  • Company Longevity as the Result of Higher Sales- While increasing sales across the board is the ultimate objective of sales training, it’s important to remember that these higher sales do more than just swelling bank accounts and increasing group and individual performance. They also lead to longevity and to the prospect of your corporation becoming a household name.

You already have the product and the foot traffic. Now it’s time to learn the science of selling.

How to Achieve the Aforementioned Objectives

If you really want to achieve these objectives, simply copying down free articles and content from a so-called training site online will not be enough. What you need is a training program run by a professional team with a track record for success. The Furniture Training Company has over two decades of experience and an elongated list of satisfied testimonials. Our secret to success is education. Each of our coaches holds a PHD in the field of sales training. We have studied the craft and are dedicated to passing that knowledge along to your sales force. We provide the tools to build through a unique blend of interactive developing courses. Among them you will find:

  • Quizzes with the answers to frequently asked questions
  • Worksheets that teach customer service skills
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