Customer Follow-up Features

Customer Follow-up Features

  • Salesperson Daily Email Reminders

    Salespeople receive a daily email message with a list of the customers they are scheduled to follow-up with that day. The email also tells them whether the customer needs a text, email, or phone call.

  • Sales Manager Daily Email Tracker

    Sales managers receive a daily email message with a list of their salespeople and the customers they are to follow-up with that day. This helps the sales manager know which salespeople are following-up and which are not.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Check on your follow-up activities via your computer, iPad or mobile phone. It's easy to add customers, tasks, or write texts and emails.

  • Script & Template Library

    Our ever growing script and template library helps you write powerful and effective text and email messages as well as make effective phone calls. Easily copy our text into your message and make the tweaks you need.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    You can check on your follow-up tasks anytime and anywhere.

  • Sort Customers by Style

    Imagine being able to sort your customers by their preferred style - now you can send targeted messages to the right customers.

  • Sort Customers by Important Dates

    Imagine sorting your customers by their last date of purchase, or by the last time you had contact with them. Now you can send targeted messages!

  • Customer Support

    Our friendly customer service staff are only a phone call away so you can quickly get answers to all your questions.

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