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Customer Contacting Got Easy

Use the Follow-up Scripts

It’s easier to follow-up with customers when you use our templates. The hardest part of sending a message is knowing knowing the words you should say. Our ever growing library of scripts will help you write powerful texts and emails, and make professional phone calls.

Our unique library includes guidance for following-up with new customers, thanking customers who make purchases, sending targeted ads and more.

Set up Daily Email Reminders

You’ll see an instant revenue boost when your sales people stop forgetting to reach out to their customers. They’ll each get a personalized email every day reminding them of the customers they need to follow-up with that day.

Managers get daily email messages letting them know which customers have been forgotten and which sales people are using the follow-up program and which are not.

Create Tasks So You Never Forget Another Customer

Follow your own cadence to decide when and how often you contact your individual customers. Text messages, email messages, or phone calls are important ways to reach out and keep in constant contact with your customers.

Add Customers to the Follow-up Program

Don’t leave your important customer relationships to chance. With our customer tracking program you’ll create tasks so you’ll never forget to follow-up with a call, text or email.

Created exclusively for the furniture industry, our customer follow-up and tracking program will keep you and your sales people focused on keeping relationships and closing sales.

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