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When Should I Close?

By Mike Petersen, PhD
Learning Engineer, President and Co-founder of FTC

To close the sale or not to close… that is the question. Of course you should close. The real question is… When should you do it? The answer is really quite simple. You should close when your customer is ready. Not sooner, and not later. This ebook will help you to read your customer and know when it’s time to close the furniture sale.


You Can Sell To "I'm Just Looking" Customers

By Mike Petersen, PhD
Learning Engineer, President and Co-founder of FTC

Responding correctly to “I’m just looking” customers will make a huge difference in the success you have in helping them find answers to their needs. It’ll also make a huge difference in the number of furniture sales you generate and the income you make.


The Root of Many Problems: Discipline

By Mike Petersen, PhD
Learning Engineer, President and Co-founder of FTC

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed because employees in your furniture store have problems with tardiness, failure to make sales goals, and resistance to doing things that would help them and your store grow? Do you struggle to muster up the courage and strength to address performance issues with your staff? This ebook will help you.

Free 1 Minute Furniture Sales Training Videos

Watch our one minute videos filled with furniture industry secrets. These videos share tips and tricks of the trade, so that you can always know how to handle any situation with a customer. If you like what you see, print out our free PDF documents and pass them out to your furniture sales team!

Customer Objections

Customer objections are really an opportunity for you to build trust with your customer. Using this simple two step process will help you solve your customers’ issues in a professional and stress-less way.

3 Ways to Increase Your Average Furniture Sale

Customers don’t buy products – they buy an experience. Here are 3 ways to use this knowledge to increase your average furniture sales each month.

What Does Your Customer Really Want to Know?

When you re-approach an “I’m just looking” customer, don’t make this mistake causing you to lose a one-time sale, and a lifetime customer.

Increase Your Furniture Sales Success With This Re-Approach Technique

This re-approach technique is a furniture industry secret, and only used by successful salespeople. Following this advice will increase your credibility with your customers.

Power Statement to Handle An "I'm Just Looking" Customer

You probably hear, “I’m just looking” multiple times a day on the furniture sales floor. Top salespeople use this power statement to turn “I’m just looking” customers into purchasing customers.

The Importance of Making A Good First Impression

The saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is untrue. Your customer gives you two chances to make a first impression. Learn what your customer is looking for.

Stop Selling Ice to Eskimos

Sell your customers products they need, not what you want to sell. While some furniture sales may be smaller, you will get great referrals and plenty of repeat business.

How to Be A Good Furniture Salesperson, Avoid Saying This:

Surprisingly enough, furniture salespeople say “I don’t know” to potential customers all the time. You can quickly and easily take the words “I don’t know” out of your vocabulary. Try using these sentences as a replacement…

Become An Expert

If you really want to be taken seriously, become an expert in the furniture products you sell. Push yourself everyday to become the best at your craft. Becoming a furniture product knowledge expert will help you know how to solve your customer’s problems.