Announcing the re-release of Furniture Product Knowledge New content. New technology. New imagery. Great results.

We are proud to re-release one of our most popular products, Furniture Product Knowledge. What does that mean for you? It means you will be better able to get your training on more devices. It means updated and current images. It means fresh, updated content and an easy to use interface. It means you will know more and sell more.

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Benefits for Managers

  • Provides an easy-to-follow training schedule
  • Makes tracking your employee's progress simple
  • Offers monthly sales meeting lessons to teach and re-emphasize lesson materials
  • Ensures that your salespeople become experts in Product Knowledge, Selling Skills, Room Design, and Customer Service/Professionalism

Benefits for Salespeople

  • Increases your confidence on the selling floor
  • Increases your sales by 10-25%
  • Offers access to monthly podcasts that will teach you new techniques and skills
  • Certifies you as a Furniture Sales Specialist