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Training Topics

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Selling Skills

Mastering selling skills is the key to selling success. The 14 modules in the Selling Skills course will teach you to build trust, ask great questions and close sales. These are skills every salesperson must learn and practice every day.

  • Approach the Customer with Confidence

  • Gain Your Customer’s Trust

  • Sell to “I’m Just Looking” Customers

  • Re-approach “I’m Just Looking” Customers

  • What Questions Should You Ask

  • Learn the Customer’s Buying Motives

  • Ask Questions Like a Pro

  • Prepare Great Demonstrations

  • Give World Class Presentations

  • Watch for Buying Signals

  • Close Each Sale with Confidence

  • Answer Objections and Make Sales

  • Overcome Excuses and Close the Deal

  • Use Product Knowledge to Make Sales

Modern Living Room

Product Knowledge

These 38 modules will give you new confidence to close sales because you’ll know the solutions you suggest will actually answer your customer’s needs. Product knowledge is central to furniture sales. It just makes sense that you have to know more about the furniture than your customer does.

  • Common Woods

  • Wood Preparation

  • Wood Joinery

  • Wood Finishes

  • Quality and Care

  • Tables

  • Dining Room Chairs

  • Dining Room Pieces

  • Bedroom Pieces

  • Occasional Pieces, Part 1

  • Occasional Pieces, Part 2

  • Sofa Styles

  • Parts of a Sofa

  • Chair Styles

  • Back Styles

  • Arm Styles

  • Skirt and Base Styles

  • Upholstery Options

  • Motion Furniture

  • Construction

  • Additional Furniture

  • Mattresses

  • Bed Styles

  • Choosing a Mattress

  • Parts of a Spring Mattress

  • Fiber Facts

  • Natural Fibers

  • Synthetic Fibers

  • Upholstery Fabrics

  • Decorative Trim

  • The Tanning Process

  • Leather Finishes

  • About Leather

  • Rug History and Design

  • Machine-made Rugs

  • Handmade Rugs

  • Rug Care

  • Flooring

Job interview

Customer Service

The 13 modules included in the Customer Service course will teach you valuable skills so you can handle unhappy customers. work the phones and more. The customer service provided by an RSA will either keep customers happy or send them away feeling frustrated.

  • Setting and Achieving Sales Goals, Part I

  • Setting and Achieving Sales Goals, Part II

  • Dress for Success

  • Courtesy

  • Using Tablets to Enhance Your Sales

  • Prepare to Take and Make Phone Calls

  • Respond to Customer Complaints

  • Create Engaging Conversation

  • Common Telephone Tasks

  • Business Card Marketing

  • Introducing Your Store’s Credit Plan

  • Presenting Your Store’s Credit Plan

  • Closing the Sale with Your Store’s Credit Plan

Interior Designer at Work

Room Design

Furniture is a fashion industry and the 11 modules in the Room Design course will teach you valuable skills so you can diagram a room, use color appropriately, and correctly place furniture in your customer's room. These skills will boost your confidence.

  • The Purpose of Room Design

  • The Elements of Design

  • Principles of Design

  • Fundamental Elements of a Room

  • Learning About Color

  • The Psychology of Color

  • How to Use Color

  • Design Styles

  • Accessorizing

  • Placing Furniture

  • Diagramming a Room

Clean Bed

Mattress Sales

This 14 modules in this are a must for anyone who sells mattresses. You'll learn to sell more expensive mattresses, close sales, become a product knowledge expert and more. Completion of these modules will take your mattress sales to the next level.

  • Industry Overview

  • The Secret to Mattress Sales

  • Product Knowledge

  • Empowering Concepts

  • Needs vs. Wants

  • Guiding Principles

  • Making the Most of Your Day

  • Guided Discovery

  • Closing the Sale

  • Starting at the Top

  • How to Step Up to Better Quality Mattresses

  • How to Deal with Competition

  • Making the Sleep Connection

  • Warranties and Comfort Guarantees

Job interview

Retail Management Essentials

This advanced training course will teach you the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective manager in the furniture industry. These 14 modules will teach you how to turn your sales people into sales superstars.

  • Prepare Yourself for the Day

  • Prepare Your Store for the Day

  • Conduct a Daily Sales Meeting

  • Support Your Staff

  • Finish Your Shift

  • Analyze Your Salespeople’s Performance

  • Conduct a Monthly Performance Review

  • Train and Coach Your Salespeople

  • Conduct Business Meeting

  • Develop Staffing Plans

  • Recruit New People

  • Onboard New Employees

  • Discipline Employees

  • Terminate Underperforming Employees

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