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Follow-up Features

Cell phone with follow-up text template

Script & Template Library

The script and template library helps you write powerful and effective text and email messages. You'll also make really effective phone calls.

Alarm clock showing the time

Anytime & Anywhere

You can complete your follow-up tasks anytime and anywhere. Use your iPhone, computer or tablet. You'll never forget another customer.

Hands holding a cell phone and texting

Mobile Friendly

Check on your follow-up activities via your computer, iPad or mobile phone. It's easy to add new customers, write texts and emails or make phone calls.

Laptop sitting on a desk at home office

Sorting Filters

Sort your customers by things like important dates and design style preferences so you can send targeted messages to the right customers.

Hands on a laptop keyboard

Reminder Emails

Sales people receive a daily email message with a list of the customers they are scheduled to follow-up with during the day.

Customer service agent smiling on while on the phone

Customer Support

Our friendly customer service staff are only a chat of phone call away so you can quickly get answers to all your training questions.

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Learn the best approaches, the best closing techniques, and everything in between so you can become a star in your store!

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