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Manufacturer Training & Marketing

Communicate directly with Retailers and RSAs

Our interface lets you send email messages directly to retailers, salespeople, and your reps about sales, new content and products, or contests.


Increase brand awareness and loyalty

People sell what they know, and our training and marketing program makes retailers and RSAs love your brand and your products.

Increase the number of retailers selling your brand

Show retailers that you're committed to their success by providing 24/7 access to sales training and more.

Make reps more effective and efficient

Allow reps do what they do best...grow your business! We'll handle the training so they can focus on building relationships and selling more product.

Control your company message

Our program lets you control the message sent to your retailers and their salespeople.

Post your company resources

Our training and marketing program lets you post videos, catalogs, flyers and other resources to the site for retailers to use.

Hold reps accountable

Our detailed reports help you hold reps and management accountable.

Sales Training And Marketing Program
Market to new retailers and make sure salespeople can sell your product.
Call for Details - 866-755-5996

10 of our most popular training lessons for Free!

Learn the best approaches, the best closing techniques, and everything in between so you can become a star in your store!

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