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What Customers Say

I have been using their training programs for some time now. They have been an excellent source for learning and have helped me to improve dramatically.

Augustin Acosta

Sales Person

LFD Furniture

Prior to the training I didn't have much knowledge about selling furniture. I learned some great tools I've found myself referring back to while out on the sales floor. The selling skills training has helped me grow so much as a salesperson; I'm happy I had the opportunity to participate in the program!

Amber Oler

Sales Person

Designer Furniture Gallery

I've been in the furniture industry for 34 years and I enjoyed the review. It was like a nice refresher course on everything! Definitely worth the time!

Randy Carpenter

Sales Person

Muenchen's Furniture

​I have only been in the industry four weeks and the training is already helping. The training is built in such a way that it really helps me to learn. The product knowledge has been extremely helpful.

Jasmin Pitre

Sales Person

Bruce Furniture

I recently had the greatest sale of my furniture selling career. With the added benefit of having completed all of your required training and having the certificates to back it up, I broke a personal sales barrier by selling one customer $35,000 of relished home embellishments. Thank you, The Furniture Training Company for your loyal support in helping me to be more comfortable offering fashion furnishings to my clientele.

Mel Kinnear

Sales Person

We have been using the training for three years and it works! Not only has it been successful with our new hires, but it has been great for our veteran sales team. Because of FTC's reporting services, I can easily manage the training in each of our 12 locations. I can't think of training that has higher quality or easier to use and manage than that of the Furniture Training Company.

Sandy Howe

Director of Stores

Kittle's Home Furnishings

The Furniture Training Company noticeably improved my confidence when talking with customers. I actually saw an increase in sales after I started using the training and was able to close sales with much more success.

Mason Cardon

Sales Person

Ashley Home Store

​I have prior experience in sales and have worked for a couple top notch interior designers. This is my first position at an actual furniture store. The training helped me in many ways to take the next step to a fully commissioned sales career. The program was an easy way to be refreshed on the knowledge I have learned over the years and taught me some important new information that has led to a successful first month on the sales floor!

Brad Higgins

Sales Person

Doerr Furniture

When first presented with the mattress program I was skeptical. After taking some classes I started realizing how wrong I was. They really help you to adapt and overcome certain situations while helping you to see from a different perspective. Great tools and teaching that will only make me a better salesperson and a better guide for my customers. Thank you Furniture Training Company for making me better which in turn is increasing my sales.

Gary Hutton

Sales Person

Kittle's Home Furnishings

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