10 years of furniture sales training with proven success!

Training for the Furniture Industry

The Furniture Training Company (FTC) started just over 10 years ago and was founded by three graduates of Utah State University. Our furniture sales training program has now been used in more than 1,000 retail locations with nearly 25,000 furniture and mattress salespeople. We know that our training improves furniture retailers and we’re excited to help you succeed in your business.

FTC delivers the most effective, efficient and modestly priced furniture sales training on the planet. The training is designed and developed by learning engineers who apply proven instructional strategies to every product they create. Such training ensures that anyone who sells furniture can receive the training they need to reach their greatest success in furniture and mattress sales.

The Furniture Training Company offers up to 104 expertly crafted furniture sales modules, covering courses such as Furniture Selling Skills, Customer Service for Furniture Stores, Furniture Product Knowledge, Furniture Store Manager Development, Furniture Store Room Design Techniques, Mattress Sales Strategies, and more! We provide training tools such as weekly training reminders, management reports & other furniture manager tools, FTC customer service and support, games and other helpful resources, online worksheets and quizzes, and certificates upon the completion of our courses. We also offer several subscription packages and pricing plans to meet your specific furniture and mattress sales training needs.

Training for the Furniture Industry