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Sales People Don't As Much As You Think

Several months ago, I showed our training programs to a potential customer. I decided to show this potential customer our lesson on handling “I’m Just Looking” customers. As many of you know, we teach 4 steps to helping folks who are just looking to feel comfortable in your store and hopefully accept assistance.

  1. Let your customer know it’s okay to look.

  2. Tell your customer something helpful about your store.

  3. Encourage your customer to tell you the purpose of their visit.

  4. Have patience with your customer

After showing this potential customer the lesson, I asked, “How do you see this lesson helping your salespeople to improve?”

They told me that their salespeople already follow those steps and the training was too basic. I encouraged them to go back to their managers and salespeople and see if those steps were actually being followed.

Several days later, I got an email from this potential customer informing me that they were interested in our training. They discovered that their salespeople weren’t really taught those steps and were losing customers as a result. Soon after this email conversation, they became a customer of ours and have been using our training successfully since.

My point with this story…don’t assume that your folks are selling the way you think or hope they are. You should verify that they follow correct selling principles to achieve the best sales results. If they are not, then new or additional training is required.

We know that training effectively, consistently and often is not easy. That is why we have created our courses that has helped over 25,000 people to not just learn, but implement important and basic selling skills. We hope that you will let us teach your salespeople important skills while you work on running your business.

It doesn’t matter how seasoned your folks are, how many sales they make in a month or how scared you are of them…they can sell more and improve their results. Stop assuming that your folks are selling the right way and verify, then train and coach so that improvement happens. And remember, we are here to help.


Visit our website and register for our training to become best sales person you can be. Or, feel free to email me at

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