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Keep in Touch with Video Messages

Some stores are having their best success ever and others are struggling to survive. Regardless of how your business is faring, you can be certain that things will eventually change. Neither the wave of steady customers, nor the pain of forced closures will last forever. The only thing you count on is the fact that people will keep buying home furnishings. Will customers shop your store like they have in the past or will things change?

Are you preparing for whatever lies in your future? Let me remind you of two companies that when faced with challenges, learned to adapt and actually became household names the world can’t live without.

Netflix began as a DVD rental company back in 1997. For a decade they experimented with video streaming models and eventually became the powerhouse of movie streaming services. Now you can’t even imagine what it would be like to wait 3 days for your next movie to arrive.

Lego was 800 million in debt by 2003. Lego leaders started paying attention to their audience who wanted Star Wars and Harry Potter. Within a dozen years, Lego became the world’s most powerful brand, with profits of $600 million. What would Christmas be like without a new Lego Movie or Star Wars construction set?

Customer connection is the heart of furniture sales success. During the pandemic our typical interactions have been altered or even eliminated. We now meet while wearing masks, over Zoom or through websites and text messages. Sales success demands that we adapt and learn new and more effective ways to create connections.

One quick and simple way you can build human connections with your customers is with video messaging. You can record yourself in easy to create video messages that can be sent via text or email messages. These messages let your customers see you and feel your personality and energy. Think of how great it will be when your customers are able to put a face to the name the next time you talk on the phone. Calls that follow video messages are extra powerful and important. You can use video messages to introduce you, your store, or even product.

Stop spending resources doing things the way they’ve always been done, Your success depends on your willingness to think outside the box. Try using video messages and see what happens when you work outside of the box.


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