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“I’m Just Looking” Power Statements

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If you are anything like me, you already know that you don't want help as soon as you walk into a store. Often times, I feel that I can trust my own knowledge and instincts more than I can trust a possibly dishonest salesperson.

BUT! Maybe you have experienced a situation similar to this before…

You are in a store…any store. You have been walking around trying to find a specific product and you just can’t seem to find it. You know you need help, but you don’t want to ask. Then, suddenly a store employee approaches and asks, “Can I help you find something? That way I can help your time here be more productive.” You then tell the employee what you are looking for, they guide you to the item and stay by your side and give you information and suggestions. You buy the item and leave happy.

Why does this happen to us? How is it that we can start off not wanting help, and then accept it eventually? It is because the salesperson or employee became an EXPERT! They were of value to the customer when they told the customer they could help them find what they were looking for…implying that they are an expert on product placement!

Helping an “I’m just looking” customer is no different. When they tell you they are “just looking”, simply use a statement similar to the following:

“I am glad you are here to look! If you tell me what it is you are looking for, I can get you to the right spot and make your time here much more productive.”
“Perfect. Look away! Our store is laid out in room displays, we have bedrooms over here, dining rooms to the left and living rooms and sofas to the right. I will guide you to the section you are looking for and help your time be more productive.”

And these are not the only two statements you can make, watch our YouTube video below for another example. Remember, “I’m just looking” customers want help…they just don’t know if they can trust you. Show them that they can trust you and they will want your service.


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