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How to Make a Great First Impression

Do you remember when you left an important interview dejected and disappointed? Maybe you didn’t say the right things. Maybe you spilled coffee or juice on your shirt before you arrived at the interview. Or maybe you just weren’t firing on all cylinders.

In sales, we are constantly in an interview with our customers. While they might not sit us down and ask us direct questions, they are quickly trying to determine our intentions and whether or not we will be able to fulfill those intentions. In other words, in a few seconds, they are trying to learn whether we are there to help or there to make a sale.

So, you should ask yourself, “Am I always instilling trust and confidence in my potential customers as I greet them?” If you are, I tip my hat to you. If you are like the rest of us, it is okay! We can always improve.

There are very simple things that we can do to help our customers trust us. Some things include:

  • Knowing your product. It is one thing to sell. It is another to help customers get the right products.

  • Quickly learn how to show customers the benefit of your service. For example, quickly tell them the layout of your store and ask what they are looking for so that you can direct them to the right area.

  • Get to know your customer. Ask questions and be interested in the answers!


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